• Chinese Kathi Roll

    Chinese Kathi Roll – Wai Wai Recipes

    00.00 Mins

    Makes 00 Servings


    Boiled and Fried Wai Wai noodles- 50 gm

    cabbage julienne- 0.025 gm

    carrot julienne- 0.025 gm

    onion julienne- 0.025 gm

    Coloured peppers julienne- 0.025 gm

    coriander powder- 0.005 gm

    fresh coriander- 0.005 gm

    fresh chop chillies- 0.005 gm

    Ketchup- 0.050 gm

    Salt- 0.005 gm

    chaat masala- 0.005 gm

    For Kathi

    Refined Flour- 0.100 gm

    salt – 0.005gm

    sugar – 0.005 gm

    Water- 0.010 ml

    oil/ghee/butter- 0.010 ml


    1. In a pan sauté all the vegetable and add coriander powder, finishing with tomato ketchup and lemon juice. Allow the mixture to cool.

    2. Meanwhile knead a soft dough for kathi roll and allow to rest for about an hour.

    3. Make roomali with the dough.

    4. Just before filling the mixture in the wrap put crunchy noodles into the mixture with a touch of soya sauce.

    5. Wrap the mixture tightly, make sure it doesn’t tear off.

    6. Carefully on a griddle sear the kathi roll with some grease or butter.

    7. Cut the kathi roll and serve it along with hot garlic or tomato ketchup. Garnished with coriander and lemon wedge on side with some onion rings.

    Note: You can also add Paneer to the filling.