• Dragon chicken

    Dragon Chicken – Wai Wai Recipes

    20 Mins

    Makes 2 Servings


    Chicken Supreme- 0.200 gm

    Crushed Cashewnut- 0.050 gm

    Chilli Flakes- 0.010 gm

    Red Chilli Paste- 0.100 gm

    Tomato Ketchup- 0.25 gm

    Boiled Wai Wai Noodle (for coating)- 1.000

    Chinese wine- 0.005 ml

    Aromat/Salt/White pepper- 0.005 gm

    Oil(for frying)- 0.1000 ml


    1. Marinate the chicken supreme with the marination given above and set aside.

    2. Wrap the noodle coated with corn flour around the chicken supreme tightly with the help of a satay stick. Place it in a refrigerator for 20mins so that the noodle sets to the shape.

    3. In hot oil fry the chicken making sure it dipped well in oil. Carefully remove the satay stick and serve it along with the hot garlic sauce.