• Honey Noodle with Vanilla Ice Cream

    Honey Noodle with Vanilla Ice Cream

    20 Mins

    Makes 2 Servings


    Wai Wai Noodles boiled- 0.200 gm

    Cornflour- 0.100 gm

    Oil (for frying)- 0.1000 ml

    Vanilla ice cream- 0.060 ml

    Honey- 0.100 ml

    Brown Sugar- 0.050 gm

    Butter- 0.010 gm


    1. Dust the noodles well with corn flour and dust off the excess corn flour.

    2. Pre heat some oil for frying.

    3. Carefully fry the noodles in hot oil until crispy. Strain off excess oil with the help of kitchen paper.

    4. Take some honey and add some brown sugar with a knob of butter and pour this mixture over the fried noodles.

    5. Immediately serve the noodles on a serving dish with two small scoop of vanilla ice cream.