• Tomato and jasmine tea soup

    Tomato & Jasmine Tea Soup

    20 Mins

    Makes 04 portions Servings


    One table spoon jasmine tea

    Four cups of tomato juice

    One slit green chilli

    One tablespoon chopped basil

    One table spoon extra virgin olive oil

    Two cup vegetable stock

    Salt to taste

    Crushed black pepper to taste

    Few drops of truffle oil

    Half packet of steamed wai wai


    Heat a pan over medium gas range. Add olive oil, green chilli and basil sauté well till both of them infuse their flavour in the oil.

    Meanwhile in a cup add the jasmine tea and hot water to it. Cover it with a lid so that the tea infuses its flavour to water.

    Add tomato juice to the pan and cook it well. Add stock to it and cook for ten more minutes on a slow flame.

    Strain the flavoured jasmine tea.

    Add cooked tomato juice to jasmine flavoured tea and steamed wai wai, adjust seasoning.

    Serve hot and add few drops of truffle oil while serving.