• Wai wai chicken tostadas

    wai wai chicken tostadas recipe

    0.00 Mins

    Makes Servings


    Two toasted bread slit lengthwise

    Eight table spoon white sauce

    One table spoon chopped fresh thyme

    One table spoon chopped fresh parsley

    Two cooked and shredded chicken thigh

    One tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

    One table spoon chopped garlic

    One red bell pepper cut into strips and sautéed

    One yellow pepper cut into julienne and sautéed

    Half cup crushed wai wai

    Salt to taste

    Crushed black pepper to taste


    Heat a pan on a slow range.

    Pour olive oil in the pan heat it, put chopped garlic and thyme sauté well.

    Put shredded chicken in the pan and cook well.

    Adjust seasoning in the chicken. Keep aside.

    Meanwhile sauté the julienne peppers also.

    Take a new pan pour some oil and toast the bread.

    Once the bread is toasted apply white sauce to the bread.

    Put the cooked chicken and bell pepper julienne top of it.

    Add crushed Wai Wai.

    Garnish with fresh coriander.